A Brief Report on ICSW's Earthquake Appeal Concert

posted Oct 10, 2012, 2:11 AM by ICSW WebAdmin   [ updated Oct 10, 2012, 2:11 AM ]

Dear members and friends of ICSW,

On behalf of the Executive committee, I would like to send all of you our utmost gratitude for your contribution and donations to ICSW's earthquake appeal concert and bazaar.
As the result of your efforts and donations we have collected the amount of $1700.50 for earthquake victims. Here is the details of the income of the concert.


Entry Tickets

Total door sale                             $430.00


Food Sale

Total food sold                             $320.50



Total collected                   $950


GRAND TOTAL      $1700.50

Special thank to Shahram and Saeed for their performance. Their contribution to ICSW made the event possible. Also great thanks for Hamideh and Houri joon for their efficient and friendly management. 

The event could not be possible without the help and support of the your generation of Iranian/Kiwis. We would like to specially thank Azin Asghari, Kimia Zerafat and Helia Zerafat for assisting Hamideh and Houri joon in managing the food and drink stations and door ticket sale. We are also greateful for the participation of all other young members of ICSW whose presence made our event colorful with their smiles.

The baking, cooking, and drink coordinators (Fatima, Hamideh, Houri, Mona, and Zarrin) I very much appreciate your efforts. Also many thanks to those gentlemen who supported the team and (Ali Zerafat, Mahmoud, Ahmed, Ehsan,...) who helped us to set up the hall, collect donations, and run auctions.

next step

One of our EC members will take the sum to Iran and will provide us with a report. He will go to Iran in December so we hope that in the meantime we can raise more money and meet the $2000 bench mark. To achieve this goal we will have a donation box for the earthquake in our celebration of Mehregan (a late Mehregan) in couple of weeks. We will send you the flyer and information about the celebration soon. You are also more than welcome to contact ICSW via email and arrange for your donation to be collected prior to the celebration.

Note: We have not included the names of the donors individually, the decision was made due to the reservation of some donors. If you would like your name and the amount of your donation to be public please email us and we will update the report on our website and facebook with your name included.

I thank you one more time and hope to see you all in our future events.

Best wishes
Negar Partow
President of Iranian Cultural Society of Wellington