ICSW Payments Guide

If you are paying for a ticket or membership, you should normally make the payment via our Online Shopping website and POLi payment method. For other cases here's ICSW's ANZ Bank Account details:

ICSW (ANZ) bank account: 06 0583 0236698 00

Write the following information as shown in the picture:

    • Last name
    • In case of events provide number of guests and ticket type (eg. 2NM, 1MS-2NM)
      • (NM) Non-members
      • (M) Members
      • (NMS) Non-member Students
      • (MS) Member Students
    • Event or payment reference (eg. Yalda, Nowruz, Membership)

If you have any problem transferring to ICSW bank account, please contact us via info@icsw.co.nz .

Transaction reference examples

ASB Bank


ANZ Bank

Westpac Bank