About us

ICSW is a non-profit and non-political incorporated society with the following main objectives:

  1. To conserve, promote and propagate Iranian culture, languages and customs within the Iranian community in the Wellington region in particular, and in New Zealand in general.

  2. To foster closer ties and friendship among the Iranians living in the Wellington areas.

  3. To provide a center for gathering for the members.

  4. To establish further relationships with other ethnic societies and cultural groups.

As a tool to fulfill some of the above objectives, this web site is established to provide current news, events, music and cultural information of interest to the Iranian community.

Please note that the ICSW and its web site belongs to the Iranian community in general, and to its members in particular. As such, it is expected that all Iranians as well as those interested in Iran to assist the Society in this endeavour by providing relevant information and technical skill for this web site. Obviously, without such help it will not be able to succeed in its mission.

You can share your views with us via info@icsw.co.nz email address.