Post date: Jun 14, 2014 5:31:06 AM


The ICSW held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 31 May 2014. Although the turnout was satisfactory, we always would like to see more of you at our functions and events.

At the AGM and the subsequent Executive Committee (EC) meeting, the following people were elected as the new EC Members and the Office Holders, respectively:

Mahmoud Moaveni President

Houri Barzi Vice-President

Nassim Tavassoli Treasurer

Arian Miralavi Secretary

Sevana Minassian Member

Alireza Haghnia Member

Negar Haghighat Member


The level of the ICSW annual membership fees has been a subject of discussion during the past few years. The EC, after exhaustive deliberation, concluded that it should be set at a level to be commensurate with its benefits, and at the same time, to be affordable for all members, particularly the students. With this in mind, the following annual fees were approved for the current financial year (1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015):

Individual $15

Student $10

Family $35 (Parent and children under 18)

In addition to providing a sense of belonging and ownership and being a financial help to the ICSW, the tangible benefits of your membership will include an approximately 20% discount to the entry fees of all ICSW functions and services throughout the year. Depending on your participation in the ICSW functions and activities, the discount is expected to more than compensate for your annual membership fee.

You may pay your annual membership fees directly to the

ICSW (ANZ) bank account 06 0583 0236698 00

Please note that regardless of the date you pay the fee, your membership will only be valid within the current financial year (1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015). We recommend that you pay it as soon as possible, so that you can take maximum advantage from the membership benefits, starting with the discount on the Yalda Celebration entry fee on 28 June.