Nowruz 1395

Post date: Feb 23, 2016 1:46:04 PM

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Dear members and friends of the Iranian Cultural Society of Wellington

The Executive Committee of the ICSW is delighted to invite you to its annual celebration of the Iranian New Year (Nowruz 1395).

Book Now‌‌

Last date to RSVP: Wednesday 16 March 2016

or when maximum capacity of the venue is reached,

whichever comes first.

We have worked hard during the past year to raise fund, and are now pleased to be able to offer considerably subsidised ticket prices.

If you wish to attend the Nowruz Celebration please fill in all fields of the RSVP form, and pay for the tickets at your earliest convenience. Not correctly filling the RSVP form, or not paying for the tickets may result in cancellation of your booking. Please note that the priority of seat selection will be according to the purchasing date.​

We trust you will have a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and very much look forward to seeing you there.


Nowruz attendees with children

During organising the upcoming Iranian new year event, we were informed regarding the need for babysitting arrangement for families with children who wish to attend the night. Since Mr. Kashanchi has voluntarily addressed the issue by organising a room at Nowruz venue, we encourage you to contact him as soon as possible if you would like to register for such babysitting service during the evening.

Phone number: 021 02507583 (Saman Kashanchi)


Note: Abovementioned service is not part of ICSW responsibilities in regard to Nowruz programme.